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Refrigerator Making a Knocking Noise - Easy Fixes

When your refrigerator starts making a knocking noise, it can be a cause for concern. Not only is it disturbing your peace, but it can also be an indication of underlying problems. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of a refrigerator making knocking noises and share some helpful tips to resolve the issue. At Everything Quiet, we're committed to helping you create the quietest environment possible. So, let's dive in!

Common Causes of a Refrigerator Making Knocking Noises

There are several reasons why your refrigerator may be producing a knocking noise. Here are some common culprits:

1. Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor is responsible for keeping the refrigerator cool by circulating air over the condenser coils. If the fan motor is faulty or obstructed, it can create a knocking or banging sound. To fix this, clean the fan and surrounding area or replace the motor if necessary.

2. Compressor

The compressor is the heart of your refrigerator's cooling system. If it starts to malfunction, it may produce a knocking or thumping noise. In this case, consult a professional to assess the situation and determine whether the compressor needs to be replaced.

3. Evaporator Fan Motor

Similar to the condenser fan motor, the evaporator fan motor circulates air throughout the fridge. If it's damaged or obstructed, it can cause a knocking sound. Clean the area around the fan and replace it if needed.

4. Refrigerant Circulation

An issue with the refrigerant circulation, such as a coolant leak, can cause a knocking noise. This is a more serious problem that requires a professional technician's attention.

5. Water Hammers

Water hammers occur when water flow is suddenly stopped, causing pressure to build up and create a knocking sound. This can happen in the refrigerator's water supply line if the water valve is not functioning properly. Consider installing a water hammer arrestor or consult a plumber to resolve this issue.

Tips to Prevent Knocking Noises from Your Refrigerator

Here are some refrigerator advice and tips to help you prevent knocking noises in the first place:

1. Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect and clean your refrigerator, paying special attention to the condenser and evaporator fans. Remove any debris and dust that may be obstructing their operation.

2. Proper Installation

Ensure that your refrigerator is installed on a level surface and that all connections are secure. This will help prevent any unnecessary vibrations or noises.

3. Invest in a Quiet Refrigerator

Consider investing in a refrigerator with quiet operation features, such as those with a Quiet Mark. These models are specifically designed to minimize noise, creating a more peaceful environment.

Final Thoughts

A refrigerator making a knocking noise can be a nuisance, but it's often an issue that can be resolved with some simple maintenance or repairs. Addressing the problem can restore your space's quietness and extend your appliance's life. For more tips on creating a serene environment, check out our articles on the importance of quiet time for creativity and the value of noise management. Remember, a peaceful home is a happy home!


Q: What does a bad refrigerator compressor sound like?

A: A bad refrigerator compressor usually produces loud, irregular noises like knocking, humming, or grinding. The sound can be more prominent when the refrigerator is cycling on and off. If you hear these noises coming from your compressor, having a professional technician inspect and diagnose the issue is a good idea.

Q: Why does my fridge make a knocking noise stop when I open the door?

A: When you open the door, the refrigerator's evaporator fan motor typically stops running. If the knocking noise stops when you open the door, it's likely that the evaporator fan motor is the source of the noise. This could be due to an obstruction or damage to the motor itself. Cleaning or replacing the motor can help resolve the issue.

Q: What is the clicking sound from the bottom of my fridge?

A: A clicking sound coming from the bottom of your fridge could be caused by the compressor's start relay. The start relay helps power the compressor, and if it's faulty, it may create a clicking sound as it tries to start the compressor repeatedly. Replacing the start relay may resolve the problem.

Q: How long should a fridge last?

A: The average lifespan of a fridge is about 10-15 years. However, this can vary depending on the brand, model, and how well it's maintained. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and promptly addressing any issues can help extend your refrigerator's life


Q: How do I stop my fridge from making noise?

A: To stop your fridge from making noise, first identify the source of the noise. It could be due to a faulty condenser or evaporator fan motor, compressor issues, or refrigerant circulation problems. Addressing the specific issue through cleaning, maintenance, or repairs can help reduce or eliminate the noise. Additionally, ensure your fridge is installed on a level surface and consider investing in a quiet refrigerator model.

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